Beach Wedding Dresses

Weddings are one of the most important days of a person’s life, especially women, for many reasons.

Topmost on the list of what makes weddings important include the presence of family, friends and well, wishers, lots of food, fun and just as you might already have guessed from the title: wedding dresses!

Wedding dresses are to a bride what tires are to a car – they make the bride stand out and they keep the wedding going! There are so many dresses to choose from, but if you’re going to be tying the knot on a beach-side setting, there are some good choices for beach wedding dresses, and some to avoid.

Five in ten people want to have their weddings on the beach and while some would rather settle for conventional wedding apparel on the sand and next to the surf, others will go for beach-perfect attire.

Beach wedding dresses are one of the most unique forms of apparel every woman can choose, as they speak of freedom, class and utmost simplicity.

For most brides, conventional wedding dresses are usually too tight-fitting, the materials sometimes are uncomfortable and the styles are extremely predictable.

This is why many opt for beach dresses as they are light, breezy, less stressful to put on, easy to move in and certainly very unpredictable.

Looking for a breathable dress? Beach wedding dresses are usually made from the most breathable materials such as lace, organza, chiffon and many other comfortable and beautiful materials.

We have taken it upon us to present to you the best variety of wedding dresses to choose from, from designer beach wedding dresses to the regular white beach dresses and other sorts of beach style wedding dresses.

White Beach Wedding Dresses

White beach wedding dresses are the perfect choice of dress to wear for the bride who wants a mix of the conventional and the unconventional.

Jaeden Strapless White Beach Wedding Dress

White Beach Wedding Dresses

One of the best white beach wedding dresses comes from Jaeden, a boutique maker of wedding dresses. It comes in a subtle but simple strapless form and no dress fits for all seasons like this.

Made with chiffon and embellished with crystals, the floor-length masterpiece is extremely easy to use, breathable and easy to clean.

In a world where ‘size matters’ Jaeden wedding strapless dresses are perfect for all shapes and sizes and won’t put a dent in your pocket or damage your budget.

This absolutely beach-perfect apparel comes in size extra-small to size extra-large all in white.

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Zhongde A-Line-Slit White Beach Wedding Dress

White Beach Wedding Dresses

Do you want to look right in white? Do you want to stand out looking like a million bucks on a day that is truly yours? Do you love white beach wedding dresses?

If you’re a bride and you really want to be and have it all, then the beach wedding dress of choice is the Zhongde A-Line-Slit White Beach Wedding Dress.

This dress comes with a neck turning, ogle-inducing, thigh revealing, thigh-high slit and is made from breathable chiffon.

This item comes excellently made with chiffon, satin, and lace, the fine mesh of tulle and embellished with sequin in all the right places.

The criss-cross halter neck design with a flowing floor-length court train feature will not just melt hearts but make you look like a movie star and the most excellently dressed bride.

This style of white beach wedding dress comes in different sizes and can be paired with hats, floral headpieces and any head covering of choice.

The best part? The dress can be converted and worn to any other occasion on the beach after the wedding.

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Designer Beach Wedding Dresses

Gone are the days where you’d be paying 5-figures for a designer wedding dress. With so many online options to choose from, you can find designer beach wedding dresses that will wow your family and friends while you walk down the sand aisle to your betrothed.

Designer beach wedding dresses can come in varying colors, styles and sizes for those who want to use other shades than white.

Ikerenwedding Lace Tulle Long Beach Wedding Dress

Designer Beach Wedding Dresses

This beyond-beautiful wedding dress comes in ivory and interestingly so, it has a built-in bra which means the bride can sway and slay in this statement piece without any wardrobe malfunctions!

The Lace Tulle Long Beach Wedding Dress by Ikerenwedding comes in a super beautiful v-neck with gorgeous lacy detail.

The pearl neck-embellishments, when combined with the sleeveless style, is only for the most stylish of brides.

Ikerenwedding Women's V-Neck A-line Lace Tulle Long...
  • Pearls,Lace,Applique,Tulle,Satin,Sheer Neck
  • Built in bra,Sleeveless,perfect for Church Wedding,Wedding Party,Beach...
  • NOTE:The dress is Ivory color,because of the light,it looks deep! When getting...

XJLY Backless Long Beach Wedding Dress

Designer Beach Wedding Dresses

Not all designer wedding dresses are perfect for beach weddings, but that’s not the case with this stand out sand-ready backless dress by XJLY.

This designer piece of the outfit is a must-have for any bride hoping to stun her guests and make her groom drool at the sight of her.

The XJLY backless long beach wedding dress comes in different colors depending on the choice of the buyer.

Made from the finest of chiffon and designed with a risqué backless style, this spaghetti beach dress is for the bride that wants to get her sexy on.

Indeed the devil is in the details, the amount of detail put into expressing the applique design at the dress front has made the dress the fastest-selling beach wedding item on the market

Interestingly, this style of designer beach wedding dresses comes with another absolute mind-blowing feature: it is remarkably affordable, a surprise for a designer outfit.

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Beach Style Wedding Dresses

Not having your big day next to the ocean, but still want the free-flowing, glamorous style of a wedding dress? No problem! There are several styles of wedding dresses that will give you the feeling of the sunny beachside, even while you keep your feet on the floor elsewhere.

Libaosha Sweetheart A-Line Beach Style Wedding Dress

Beach Style Wedding Dresses

Beach style wedding dresses can come in different designs and shades, and they are the item of choice for that beach wedding with a theme.

For these sorts of items, the material with which the dress is made from matters.

This Lace Wedding Dress Sweetheart A-line Long Tulle Country Style Bridal Gown is made from a combination of different materials all put together to make one beautiful dress.

Predominantly made from polyester with a little appliqued lace feature and a lot of tulles which makes it easy to dry-clean.

This item comes with a built-in bra and can also come in white and ivory color.

Not only is this dress extremely affordable, but it is also extremely beautiful for any bride who wants to bring in a country themed wedding to the beach.

This style of beach wedding dresses come with one of the best customer ratings which point to one solid truth: the customer is right about this one.

Lace Wedding Dress Sweetheart A-line Long Tulle Country...
  • Fabric: Lace, Tulle
  • Embellishment: Lace Appliqued. Dry clean only. Built-in bra.
  • When ordering, order according to your largest measurement. Accept Custom Size...

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